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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Musical Hell Review: Joyful Noise (plus updates)

Since we're closing on our house tomorrow and prepping for the big move, you get November's episode early: the gospel-fest of Joyful Noise! Oddly enough, the music is probably the one thing this demon didn't find offensive:

And I know you're all saying right now, "Diva, how will this whole moving thing affect the output of your series which we all love so much?"  Okay, none of you are saying that, but I feel I owe you updates anyway.  The next Know the Score is set to run as scheduled.  December's Musical Hell Review is a little over half recorded and about a quarter edited right now--with luck, it should be ready to go, but Thanksgiving vacation may get in the way.  December's Know the Score will focus on the Les Miserables film in some fashion, but until we hear more about a soundtrack release, I can't confirm dates.  Worst case scenario, I'll hold it off for a week or two so I can review the film itself.  I'm trying really hard to stay on schedule, as January's review is something I really want to get out on time and which I'm really, really looking forward to putting through the wringer.  Stay tuned.

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