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Friday, April 13, 2012

More Random Crap Around the Web

So this past weekend I read a headline about Pamela Anderson being the next big star to step into Chicago on Broadway. I had a good laugh at the April Fool's joke. Then I remembered that April Fool's was the week before, and I died a little inside. People, people, don't we remember what happened the last time a Baywatch star tried their hand at this sort of thing?

On the Les Mis watch, Anne Hathaway has chopped off her hair and may or may not be undergoing a brutal 500-calorie-a-day diet to get ready for her scenes as Fantine. If these pictures are any indication, she's cultivating a colony of head lice for the role as well. Now that's dedication.

Seriously, the amount of information coming out on the Les Miserables filming is approaching almost ridiculous levels. At this rate, we should be able to completely reconstruct the movie about three months before it opens. On the positive side, the plethora of behind-the-scenes sneak peaks all indicate that this is shaping up to be an awesome movie. Check out this blog post featuring several pics of the filming for “Do You Hear the People Sing?” (which the author assures us sounds wonderful) and these great shots of Eddie Remayne and Aaron Tveit (in a smokin' hot revolutionary red jacket!).

This week, The Lion King surpassed Phantom of the Opera as Broadway's highest grossing musical. Since Lion King has been running fifteen years as opposed to Phantom's twenty-five, this is mainly an achievement in having higher ticket prices. Both musicals are notable for being lavish, spectacular productions with stories that have broad audience appeal. Also, both have crappy sequels, but Lion King at least had the decency to send its crappy sequel direct to DVD rather than parading it around onstage for a couple years beforehand.

Finally, Joel Grey celebrated his 80th birthday on Wednesday. Eighty years old, and still singing and dancing. I hope I live to be that hardy in my old age. Oh, and to dance with Muppets.

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