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Friday, May 11, 2012

All New Crunchier Random Crap

Say what you will about High School Musical (because believe me, I do), it is nice to see at least some of its stars shaking the Disney dust off their feet and proving they can grace more worthy projects. Zac Efron was surprisingly enjoyable in Hairspray (although we're still waiting to see if that was a fluke) and now Corbin Bleu is racking up some decent Broadway credits, having starred in In the Heights and now taking on the role of Jesus in Circle in the Square's Godspell. Now if he could just get a name that doesn't sound like an entree at a wedding reception.

On the other hand, why do so many Broadway luminaries make such awful choices when they try to cross over to screen media? (Have you checked out Kristen Chenoweth's IMDb page? I rest my case.) Sutton Foster looks poised to be the latest casualty, with her new show Bunheads premiering on ABC Family next month. Apparently Foster will play a Vegas showgirl who marries a mama's boy and ends up working at her new in-law's dance studio, where she will Make a Difference in the lives of its stereotype-embodying students. The acting of the young girls looks particularly dire:

Speaking of not-too-promising prospects, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group has come up with possibly the only thing that could persuade me to subscribe to their mailing list, even temporarily: offering a free copy of sheet music for “Sing,” the song Lloyd Webber and Gary Barlow have written for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. I'm curious, but not hopeful—Lloyd Webber hasn't written a decent score in nearly two decades, and his non-music theater songs have always been middling at best (“Amigos Para Siempre” anyone?). Nevertheless, I will just have to hammer the thing out on the old Yamaha and see what I think. Watch this space.

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