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Friday, June 29, 2012

News: Live "Sound of Music" on NBC? Hell Yeah!

It is an ill wind indeed that doesn't blow some good.  As you may have read, I wasn't too thrilled with the series Smash, but at least its perplexing success has paved the way for more promising projects.  Producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron have announced a live broadcast version of the perennial classic The Sound of Music to be broadcast on NBC at a yet-to-be-determined time.  While not my favorite Rogers and Hammerstein work (yeah, yeah, I know, I just prefer Oklahoma! and The King and I, okay?) I find the prospect very exciting--I have fond memories of watching re-broadcasts of the Mary Martin Peter Pan back during my formative music theater geek years, and the promise of live singing is becoming more and more appealing in an age of overproduced Auto-Tune performances (it looks like it's going to do Les Mis a world of good).  We'll have to see what the casting looks like (people on Broadway World are already suggesting Sierra Boggess for Maria, but people on Broadway World suggest Sierra Boggess for everything these days).

So here's hoping.  With any luck it will be a big hit and a doorway for future performances, and not a repeat of the Broderick/Chenoweth Music Man debacle.

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