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Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick and Messy Random Crap

So I haven't compiled much Random Crap this week, mostly because I've been obsessing over the Les Miserables trailer. You can read what I think about it here.

The Tonys are days away, and Neil Patrick Harris continues to make me crush on him desperately by looking for a way to give the plays some decent screentime. Amen, brother! That I adore musicals kind of goes without saying, and yes they're easier to market to us poor yokels who don't get to go to New York all that often, but let's give the straight plays their due, huh? (On another note, can anybody say “straight plays” anymore without giggling over what that makes musicals by default?) 

I'm rather curious to see how the perennially development-Helled Rebecca does once it finally does get to Broadway. Daphne duMaurier's novel has always struck me as something that would musicalize well, and I have a soft spot for the big dramatic period romance shows (even if there hasn't been a really good one in years). If this highlight reel is any indication, it looks like it might be good cheesy fun, if nothing else.

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