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Friday, July 13, 2012

YouTube Capping: the Muny presents "Aladdin"

So the Muny in St. Louis is doing a stage production of Disney's Aladdin. Which is all very well and good, but there are a few things that cause my eyebrow to raise. So here's my YouTube captioning of the opening night highlights! Enjoy!


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Titles by Mrs. Hanson's seventh grade art class.
It's a precision yoga class!
Early Muslim architects did wonder with cardboard...
What sort of person wastes one of his three wishes on a kickline?
Did...did Genie just come on to him?
Still, I gotta wonder how they're going to do the turning-into-celebrity-caricatures trick...
o/...We don't have the budget for this scene...o/
o/...We'll have to just pretend there's neat stuff out there...o/
o/...And try not to look real stupid on this rug...o/
Maybe Genie wasn't imprisoned in the lamp, maybe he was just sitting tight until he reached a time period when his lifestyle would be acceptable.
Man, when your cast is snarking on the lyrics in the middle of the show...
o/...Hey hey, we're the Monkees!...o/
Okay, the subtext is becoming less and less sub by the moment...
Can I use one of my wishes to give severe intestinal distress to whoever thought using "BFFs" in a lyric was acceptable?
Ah yes, the magic...golf cart of the Arabian sorcerers!
With Paul Lynde as the Genie
Okay everyone, big wordless chorus finish!
That's it, don't worry about the pitch, the percussion will make it sound impressive!

Capped by TheDiva

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