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Monday, August 27, 2012

News from Hell

So, it's been six months since I started this little project in a fit of insanity and stay-at-home mom boredom.  I started out with Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, a few other bits and bobs, and absolutely no idea what the hell I was doing.  I still don't know what the hell I'm doing.  But I'm getting a little better at doing at, and at least a few people out there in the wilds of the Internet seem to like the results.  I've gotten some compliments, a bit of advice, and even a couple invitations to do crossover work that will see fruition in the next few months.  My audience is still small, but it's growing, and I'd like to see it grow even more.  Hence, it's time for a little expansion.

Starting next month, I will be alternating the Musical Hell Reviews with a second series called Know the Score.  Know the Score will look at film and television music from a general perspective--soundtracks, composers, theme songs, all the ways music is used in movies and TV shows.  The series will be shorter (the first episode clocks in at about eight minutes) and less snarky than Musical Hell Reviews, and will allow me to address a broader range of topics rather than just ragging on bad musicals all the time. (Though I've got some worthy subjects lined up on that front as well.)

This will result in two things.  First, videos will be posted twice a month, instead of once--Musical Hell Reviews on the first Monday, and Know the Score on the third (allowing for some slippage due to real-world conflicts, holidays, illness, acts of God, giant ninja penguin attacks, etc., etc.).  Second, there will be fewer written articles on the site, in order to allow me time to focus on writing and editing the video reviews.  Opinions, reviews, and other random commentary will crop up from time to time, but will be dictated by opportunity rather than a schedule.  Also on the "updated when I get around to it" schedule will be my YouTube side project, "Musical Hell TV."  I love riffing on videos, but it's a bit farther down on the priority list, so it's one of those things that I'll do when I can fit it in.

Finally, for those of you who wonder just what a musical-judging minor demon looks like: Internet DJ Superhero and music critic Soundbite created an "Avengers Assemble"-style group portrait of several music critics, including Diva.  She's the red-skinned one on the left:

From L to R: Diva, Happy Viking, Todd in the Shadows, the Rap Critic, Soundbite, Mues, Rob (Circle Guy), Delonge Wanabe.

Like everything else related to my reviews, I'm learning about Diva as I go along, so this may or may not be what she actually looks like.  But it's definitely what she would want to look like, and for a demon that's probably the most important thing.  It's also extremely flattering to see my avatar in such august company. I am extremely humbled.

Stay tuned, music and musical fans.  Good things are coming.

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