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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Musical Hell Review: Can't Stop the Music

Yes folks, this month's Musical Hell case is the absolutely almost-true story of the Village People, with surprisingly little Village People and an inordinate amount of Steve Guttenberg.


  1. I loved this review. My wife and I chuckled and laughed all the way through it. Can't Stop the Music is one of our favorite bad musicals - we watched it together on one of our early dates. It's that perfect movie where everything goes wrong.
    How did Madge from the Bounty Commercials wind up directing this movie? Nancy Walker had directed a couple of episodes of Rhoda and Alice but not much else.
    It does make me want to go to Baskin Robbins, though.

    1. This is, unsurprisingly, Nancy Walker's only film directing credit. I wonder what made her go with the disco musical as her debut.

    2. If I had once chance to direct a movie - any movie - it would be the disco musical version of Starcrash