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Monday, March 3, 2014

Musical Hell Review: Rock and Rule

This month's Musical Hell Review is a little slice of animated bizarre from Canada. And they seemed so normal up there, too...


  1. I found myself rooting for the demon. I didn't care about the heroes, or the world and Mok was less threatening than Serpentor, so I wanted to see what the demon everyone was been talking about could do.

    Good point on the ugly animation. Heavy Metal is supposed to be this super-sexy thing, but the animation is so ugly it's about as sexy as Miss Buxley.

    Did you ever read the comic strip "My Cage" about anthropomorphized animals working in an office? I wonder if this takes place in the My Cage-iverse, perhaps in the interregnum between the fall of Man and the rise of an office-based society.

    1. I remember "My Cage"--sadly I only got into it shortly before it was canceled, but it was very well done. I recall in one strip there was a thing on the news where they discovered the flag from Animal Farm, indicating the animals had overthrown humanity at some point in the distant past. (Rock and Rule, meanwhile, takes place after the animals have mutated in the wake of nuclear annihilation, as is described--twice--in the opening crawl.)