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Monday, November 3, 2014

Musical Hell Review: The Apple

You've seen Can't Stop the Music, you've seen Xanadu, now here's the third--and by far the most flat-out insane--of the over-the-top disco musicals of 1980.  Join Diva as she takes a bite out of The Apple!


  1. I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I really love the soundtrack to this movie. From "BIM's on the Way" to "Voodoo Apple" to "It's Good to be the Master" these are songs I find myself humming.

    Also, Vladyk Shebol is awesome as Mr. Boogalow. I was having a conversation with a friend recently about great performances in bad movies (Raul Julia in Street Fighter) and I thought of Vladyk Shebol in The Apple. He was always great in his bit roles (the Russian general in Red Dawn or the doomed SPECTRE chess player in From Russia With Love) but this was one of his few leading roles and he gave it 110%.

    Actually, "Mr. Boogalow" is on the short list of names for the cat I'm going to be getting.

    Great review, I'm glad you got around to doing The Apple.

    1. The Apple bears many striking similarities to an animated short entitled The Devil and Daniel Mouse, which was also the inspiration for another film she reviewed, "Rock and Rule." Since the Diva reviewed the Apple and Rock and Rule, it seems fitting for her to Review the Devil and Daniel Mouse at some point. She could compare it to the two other demonic musicals she reviewed with allusions to the Fall of Man.