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Monday, January 12, 2015

Galavant So Far: A Review in Filk

And so we’re halfway through
ABC’s four-week ‘do
About a hero known as Galavant

And goodness knows I’ve tried
To be on this show’s side
But I just can’t get into Galavant

True, I can’t be an absolute hater
Love the songs by Al and Slater
And sure, Joshua Stasse is hot!
But what about the plot?
It sure is sinking Galavant!

Now the main arc’s okay
(If quite a bit cliché)
With jaded Gal and Princess Isabella

The fractured hero’s quest
Is the show at its best
And Stasse, he does make you root for the fella

Yet Izzy’s betrayal is a chance missed
(Should have saved that for a plot twist!)
And oh, it would be good to go
In a two-hour show
But twice as long is Galavant

There’s all these subplots we must slog through
Mostly King Richard trying to woo the bitch queen
A trip to Sid’s hometown (his parents are Jews?)
And the worst joust in the land
A goofy pirate band
And gags like every sitcom you’ve seen!

And that’s just how it goes
Fun songs and cameos
But not enough to salvage Galavant

Though I will soldier through
I don’t have hope, it’s true
And I’ve one more gripe with Galavant

That the meta humor leaves me jaded
(Must the singing be lampshaded?)
Oh, it’s just not going well
Could end in Musical Hell
A sorry fate for Galavant!

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