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Monday, September 7, 2015

1,000 Subscriber Celebration is Coming--and YOU Choose the Topic!

Ladies and gentlemen, Musical Hell is about to reach 1,000 YouTube subscribers!  To celebrate and say thank you for indulging my insanity, I will be doing another MHTV mockbuster  riff--and YOU get to pick the subject!  Yes, YOU!  Should it be:

The Secret of the Hunchback--Victor Hugo's classic tale of tragedy and social injustice, with absolutely none of the above--and the craziest ending I have ever seen:

The Amazing Feats of Hercules--Mythology's favorite jerk jock goes and fights a bunch of monsters with a talking ferret at his side:

The Secret of Mulan--The secret is that she was a caterpillar, apparently:

Snow White and the Magic Mirror--And you thought "Happily Ever After" was bad:

So much weird to choose from, I can't decide!  So you do it--tell me which one is your favorite and the most popular will be riffed in October!


  1. I think it should be Mulan. Having them be animals adds an extra layer of weirdness.

  2. oh geez all are so awful... but i guess for me it would be between hercules and mulan haha

  3. I'm going to have to agree with the previous commenters. Hercules or Mulan they're both incredibly baffling and ripe for commentary.

    1. I still think Mulan would make an excellent choice, but I find myself returning repeatedly to watch clips from the hunchback movie. The other movies are certainly weird, but the bizarre ending of the hunchback movie has stuck with me.