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Monday, April 4, 2022

Musical Hell: Music

 Remember last year when Sia released a movie that pissed off pretty much every autistic person you know? Yeah, I reviewed it. But these other people reviewed it as well, and you should hear what they have to say:

Sia's Movie Music: An Autistic's Opinion (Paige Layle): https://youtu.be/Oa2EF8z2OM0
Sia's movie is out...and it's worse than we thought (Chloe Hayden): https://youtu.be/31y9j5Zl300
Sia's Movie: Another Autistic's Response Because Y'all Won't Listen (tianasao): https://youtu.be/xMWdA-Xif7I

And if this movie pissed you off (I know it pissed me off) you might want to consider sending some spare change to the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network.  

Anyway...here it is. Music. You may think you're prepared...but I assure you, you are not.

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