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Friday, April 6, 2012

Random Crap Around the Web This Week

So, apparently Whitney Houston finished a movie before her sudden and tragically premature death in February? It's true! Called Dreamgirls: The Next Generation Sparkle, it's about three singing sisters pursuing the dream of showbusiness cliche movies. Houston plays the girls' mother, a singing star past her prime who...um, is there anything I can say right now that won't draw the "too soon" card? Didn't think so. Watch the trailer.

And speaking of showbusiness cliche movies, Rock of Ages released its second trailer this week and...I still don't know what to make of it. On the one hand, Adam Shankman's Hairspray was one of the better musical movies in recent history, and it looks like this one shares the same energy and affectionate parody for the zeitgeist of a specific era. On the other hand, it's a jukebox musical. On the other hand, it has the wonderful Catherine Zeta-Jones in her first film musical since Chicago. On the other hand, it's also got the massively irritating Alec Baldwin. On the other hand, Baldwin probably won't be selling credit cards in this movie so maybe he'll be tolerable. On the other hand, it's also got the also massively irritating Tom Cruise. On the other hand, I'll stop doing my Tevye impersonation and let you watch the trailer.

So, have you ever seen one of those cheesy badly acted cruise ship shows and thought, "You know what this needs? Dancing Vikings and some 1950s-esque teenagers who are there for no discernible reason!" Thanks to Disney Cruise's new show Wishes (by way of Tangled), your prayers have been answered.

And finally, because some things are just too cool to snark at, here's the latest video from Doctor Horrible co-creator Jed Whedon and all-around geek goddess Felicia Day. "It gets better" never sounded so kickass.


  1. My psych professor would have Very Definite Opinions about the last one; he has a big thing about how our culture makes it seem like you can be smart *or* attractive and athletic, but not both. Still a good mood-lifter!

  2. That's not what bothers me so much as the "athletic and attractive" part of the equation being the supposedly preferred option.