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Friday, April 20, 2012

Yet More Random Crap

Lea Michele, Bernadette Peters and Megan Hilty did a promotional blurb for ET regarding her new movie Dorothy of Oz, which comes out....sometime in the next year, I guess? The film looks kind of meh, but it's amusing to watch Michele try to describe the experience of “working” with Peters and Hilty when none of them were, you know, actually in a studio together at any time.

Earlier this week, I posted the first half of my list of favorite musicals. (I'm not posting a link because, you know, you can just scroll to the next post down.) Among those discussed was the American Playhouse version of Into the Woods, which I saw during my formative musical geek years. So I was surprised to discover Danielle Ferland, who performed the role of Little Red Riding Hood in that production, is now starring in a regional version of Into the Woods...as the Baker's wife. God, now I feel old.

And now Glee and Rock of Ages need to step down, because I have found the ultimate rendition of “Don't Stop Believin'.” (Fun game: watch this once to see how many movies you recognize, then hit the CC button for a list of the sources.)

And speaking of fun stuff on YouTube, in addition to posting my rambling opinions here I also contribute to the YouTube Captioning blog, which produces gag subs of various YouTube postings that really, really deserve them. I'll be cross-posting some relevant videos here in the future, to provide more material for my loyal readers (both of you). In the meantime, here's blog owner SpaceToast's very funny captioning of some J-Pop weirdness. Enjoy!

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