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Monday, June 18, 2012

YouTube Capping: The First Man You Remember

It's time for another YouTube Capping video! Today's subject is the poofy-haired Michael Ball singing Generic Andrew Lloyd Webber Ballad #623, aka "The First Man You Remember!"

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So...my dad?
Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again...
It's such a lovely day-for-night out...
Wait...Rick Astley? He did more than one video?
"Hey, give me my scarf back! I'm freezing!"
Can the moon actually go nova?
Meanwhile, at a funeral in 1985...
Gilda Radner!
Cut, cut! Could the drunken mime clear the set?
o/...to do you up the backdoor...o/
Seriously, do they just not notice the Dread Pirate Roberts doing the Jerk back there?
"Hey, hey, I paid the dime for this dance!"
Everybody VOGUE!
She's like a less emotive Sarah Brightman...
"I also want to go to a party that doesn't have its own modern dance troupe."
"Okay." *kicks her legs out from under her*
"Even when I'm craving a Frosty at eleven at night?"
"Let's not get too hasty."
So, you want him to give you arrhythmia?
All right, Bebe Neuwirth, I'm cutting you off and calling a cab...
This must be what Bob Fosse's nightmares looked like.
"Wow, that was one fuckin' weird party!"
o/...Drifting, falling, floating weightless...o/
"Which explains the huge tsunami!"
She's pigeon-elbowed!
"Would you settle for being the first one I drunk dial?"
The mall security is going to be pissed when they see these two screwing around in the fountain...
"How romantic, it feels like we're walking on a plastic table barely underneath the water!"
Amy Yasbeck and Dustin Hoffman: A Love Story
Isn't the first man you remember usually the loser you're thankful you broke up with?

Capped by TheDiva

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